World's Most Popular Club and Dance Seduction Expert @ClubDanceKing teaches you Dance Floor Game

How to Approach, Attract, and Interact with Women at Clubs, Parties, and Weddings

The 4 Elements of Dance Seduction:

Be Confident

Confidence is sexy and perhaps the most attractive quality in a man. It conveys you\’re experienced and allows her to have more trust with you.

Be Sexual

Being sexual keeps you OUT of the friend zone and makes her think of you in that hot, sensual way.

Be Expressive

Being vocal and clear with what you want will save you from wasting your time. Being more animated and expressive helps you to stand out from the crowd and generates intrigue and interest.

Take Control

Taking Control will make you stand out from the rest. Most of the other guys are timid and validation seeking, you’ll learn how to be more forward in a smooth way.

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What is Dance Floor Game?

Learn how to be Confident without being Creepy!
How to Approach, Attract, and Interact Smoothly on the Dance Floor

Dance Floor Game was created by Chi "Club Dance King" to help you be more confident and comfortable out on the dance floor. With thousands of hours of dance experience between classes and countless evenings out at clubs, Chi has brought to you the simplest. most effective moves to help you be more attractive instantly. In this program you'll learn better body language, correct amount of touch, how to create tension and "push pull" to spike her interest.

Ways to Learn Dance Floor Game:

In Person Lessons

The fastest improvement and gains are learned in person as you’re standing right next to Chi and his assistant.

Instructional Videos

Chi’s instructional videos in Club Dance and Dance Floor Game have nearly 30 million views online. They’re not like most other dance videos which teach your choreography and complicated moves. Just simple, effective moves.

Club Dance Intensive

People go to Los Angeles or fly Chi to them Internationally for convenience. Sessions last typically from 2 days- 2 weeks long. 4 hours a day and 4 hours in the club normally with a female assistant to practice with and can give you valuable feedback as well.

Skype Lessons

Skype Lessons give you access to Chi from wherever you are in the world. While not AS effective as in person, this lessons actually work very well and you can make great improvement via webcam.


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